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Our Story – The BSP

The Bare Sole Project began in 2012, when I became interested in minimalism and endurance running. I started experimenting with “barefoot running,” and by 2015 my soles were so tough that they carried me across the USA. From 2012-2018 I lived out of a backpack. The longest I stayed in one area was when I lived for nine months in Cochise Stronghold, and most of the time I spent off trail. It was all an exercise for my soul. I wanted to find out what was really necessary to live a happy, healthy life, and what else was another “shoe;” something I’d sacrifice for, but didn’t really need. It’s not about giving everything up, but being more aware of the weight we carry so that we can find ways to lighten the load by dropping what we were never really using anyway.

During my travels, I was supported by people I met online and on the road. Many strangers read my stories on social media and sent money, which let me continue my work without charging my audience. During my transcon people would pick up my gear bag and drive it ahead to a hotel or private host that would give me a free place to stay for a night or two. I often felt like part of a tapestry. I was the needle, the people I met and land I saw was the fabric, and the story of it all was the thread that held it all together.

The kind of people who pick up a barefoot hippy are usually pretty interesting themselves.

My initial experiment is over. I no longer feel the need to run around barefoot (well, not all the time, but I still hate shoes), and I haven’t stuck out my thumb in nearly two years. I am moving on to other projects, and using my experience; our experience; as the premise for the community and businesses I want to form, and precedent for the unique methods we’ll use.

I intend to use this blog to share some of the key stories that defined my time on The Road, updates on my current projects, as well as stories and material from other sources.

And, here we go…


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